Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 In India 2020

Here are the Five Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 In India 2020

1.HUL Pureit Classic 23 L

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The Pureit brand offers non-electric with a variety of features. The Pureit Classic water purifiers has runs manually without any electric connection without constant supply and strong plastic construction for longer life.

The large and  double volume capacity of 23 litres  and storage capacity upto 9 litres provides sufficiently for domestic purpose as well as used for drinking purpose without any hindrence. The Product ensures  that availability of clock throughout the day.

The Activated carbon trap destroys the harmful and infectant pesticides immersed in safe consumption. The Pureit method with the inbuilt and coded Germkill technology, eradicates harmful particles, metal and other impurities to produce hygienic method.


  • The multi- stage sanitation process through coded Germ kill technology, eliminates bacteria, virus, algae, cysts, lead , micro- organisms, colloid and other harmful particles to render a pure drinking without any compromise.
  • The Break-resistance for faucet tap has a long-lasting life and durability which has been tested and certified.
  • The Germ kill life indicator is indicated in prior the germ kill kit needs to be replaced.
  • The eliminates of 1 crore virus in 1 litre.


  • The taste is very poor.

2.KENT Gold Smart 7

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The Kent Gold Smart is ensures the cleanest. The Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 has entirely automated mechanism, eliminates and destroys the impure particles from easily. This is a non-electric with a decent storage capacity of 7 litres.

The 7-litre storage capacity stores and provides for drinking and other domestic purposes. The kent water purifiers has exterior comes out in a standard design, where the either fitted onto the wall or placed in the kitchen counter.

The Kent Gold is made up of non-breakable and poly-carbonate material.


  • The Ultra Filtration technology efficiently destroys the harmful infectants from safest drinking systems.
  • The UF membrane is spin welded for longer durability.
  • Sanitize the tank with Kent’s non-electric water purifiers requires less maintenance costs.
  • The removable tank for easy sanitation.
  • The Simple and neat design and needs very less space.


  • The Leaks due to some issue in floater.

3.Pureit Classic 23L

The Pureit brand offers a non-electric for under 5000.Rs in India runs with manually without any electric connection and with no constant supply. The strong plastic construction guarantees longer life. The vast volume capacity of 23 litre provides sufficiently for domestic purpose as well as used for drinking purpose as well without any hassle.

The Water Purifiers ensures the availability of drinking whenever needed. The Activated carbon trap destroys the pesticides for a safe consumption. The unique 4-stage sanitation process with coded Germkill technology, eliminates 1 crore virus present in 1 litre, maintaining the unbreakable microbiological standards.

The purification process totally eradicates the unwanted particles for the better taste.


  • The Auto shut off mechanism ensures that even the last droplet of pure .
  • The Activated Carbon Trap discards the pesticides and bad odor.
  • The Break Resistance Tap ensure the longevity.
  • The Germkill Life Indicator shows an alert before germkill kit replacement.


  • The Leakage issue.

4.KENT Gold Plus 20

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The Kent Gold plus is a best water purifiers under 5000 exterior design is translucent Aqua Blue and a sleek kitchen table top. The transparent design is enabled for the user to view the purification process. While placing on the kitchen counter, with a supportive base stand for placing the glasses to draw out.

The Kent Gold Plus Gravity is works with the UF water purifiers filtration mechanism and makes sure that every drop of level is passed through the UF filter. The destroy and eliminate of pollutant and harmful bacteria, virus, algae, colloidal particles etc…

This is the certified water purifiers to remove unwanted cysts present in the available from any source. The Tank-in-Tank arrangement makes sure that there is no overflow even when tank is full.

The Kent Gold plus works without power connection and does not involve harmful chemicals for purification.


  • The vast storage capacity of 20-litres ensures regular supply for drinking and other domestic purposes.
  • The UF water purifiers membrane is spin welded for longer durability.
  • The purifiers system is made up of non-breaking endurable plastic material.


  • Leakage occurs frequently.
  • The filtered for produces mud, sand or bad smell

5.Ruby Ro+Uv+Tds

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The Ruby is Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2020 exterior design comes out in transparent white and blue elegant, stylish look. The transparent exterior white and blue showcases the purification process. With a vast storage capacity of 12 litre is produced all the time.

The 12-litre storage capacity ensures regular and continuous supply for drinking  and other domestic  purpose  without any compromise. Each and every droplet of pass through the RO water purifiers filtration process for getting pured.

The unique and efficient 12 stage sanitation process, is able to eliminate and destroy  dusty, pollutant particles which includes sand, rust and other impurities. The Ruby is generates pure drinking with the help of RO + UV + Mineralizer with TDS controller technology.

The mineralizer is responsible to add essential and supplement minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and much more minerals required for body toxic and hydration. With a purification capacity of 10 litres per hour, the tank is able to hold and store for a big size family.


  • The Ultra violet ray spontaneously destroys the micro-organisms and disables their reproduction capacity. The UV rays are responsible to destroy considerable bacteria and viruses present in the supply.
  • Quality tested and highly durable electric spare parts.
  • The sanitized flow capacity is 12 litre per hour. The surplus of flow ensures regular supply.


  • The filter quality is poor.

The Best Of Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 In India

Simple Ways to select Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2020. If you are limited budget of  under 5000, these are best models available in India online, 2020.

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